Instructional Website

Career Fair Attire instructional website

Date: Apr 2017

Client: Indiana University OEVPUAA

Skills: Premiere, Captivate, Go Animate, Prezi

Team Composition: Ling Qian and Roberto Borfecchia.

Involvement: content analysis, learning objectives, creating animation, making quiz.

This is the main project of Instructional Design for career class about how to make an impression in Job Fair. As a team member, being professional in giving and receiving constructive feedback, and supportive to each other in terms of risk-taking. Click here to preview.

Evaluation Projects

YMCA Evaluation Project

Date: Feb 2017

Client: Monroe County YMCA

Skills: Qualtrics, Interview, Observation, Content Analysis

Team Composition: Susan Loucks, Ling Qian, Brett Gary

Involvement: Interview, data analysis, final report

This project is an evaluation project for Monroe County YMCA Group Exercise Program to improve their group exercise classes, increase member engagement, and satisfaction.

needs assessment project

Date: Dec 2015

Client: Indiana University IST Department

Skills: SWOT, FFA, PEST, Interview, Survey, Coding

Team Composition: Meina Zhu, Ratrapee Techawitthayachinda, Ling Qian

Involvement: Interviewed 8 online students and 6 faculty members, transtripted 4 interviews. conducted the data analysis and was responsible for the literature review.

This project is a needs assessment project for Indiana University Instructional System Technology department online master’s program, focused on the online students’ needs and increase students’ learning and satisfaction.

adjunct faculty professional development needs assessment project

Date: Dec 2015

Client: Indiana University SouthEast

Skills: PEST,SWOT, FFA, Interview, Observation, Content Analysis

Team Composition: Su Jin Park, Ling Qian, Caity Stockstell, Sonja Strahl, Renee Petrina

Involvement: Interview, data analysis, final report

The purpose of this needs assessment project was to identify preferences in and barriers to attending professional development (PD) for adjunct faculty at Indiana University Southeast (IUS).

Instructional Design


Date: Jan 2017

Client: Indiana University OVEPUAA

Skills: Instructional design, Storyboard, timeline management

Team Composition: Ling Qian

Involvement: instructional designer

This storyboard was created for presenting to my client the basic instructional design ideas about how to turn the modules into student self-directed learning online modules.

HBU MOOC Project

Date: May 2014

Client: Hebei University

Skills: Instructional design, project management, coordination

Team Composition: Ling Qian, Danyang Gao, Tianlu Han, Licong Li, Xia Wang, Xiaohui Zhang

Involvement: Team leader and coordinator, lead instructional designer.

This project is the first MOOC project in Hebei Province initiatived and coordinated by Ling Qian. As the team leader and coordinator, initiative this project and coordinating facet of this program among administration, team collaboration and market. As the instructional designer, using Moocs principles designed the sessions, activities and evaluation.It took one years turning the 40 thousands words of lecture draft into a 24 hours online Mooc course.

Graphic Design

job aid

Date: Mar 2017

Client: Indiana University

Skills: InDesign, Photoshop

Team Composition: Ling Qian

Involvement: Analysis needs, Design layout, Develop the production

This job aid is to help faculty who need help in setting assignment and grading in Canvas. It can be used in Canvas training seminar or job aid. It was designed by Ling Qian using In Design.

EDGE infographic

Date: Feb 2017

Client: Indiana University OEVPUAA

Skills: Illustrator, Photoshop

Team Composition: Ling Qian

Involvement: collecting resources and designing the layout

This design is to offer a quick look at EDGE online course modules for undergraduate students and career advisors. Designed by Ling Qian, using Illustrator CC, contents came from IU EDGE Career online modules

IST Conference Poster

Date: Jan 2017

Client: Indiana University IST Conference

Skills: Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop

Team Composition: Inging Ratrapee, Julia Juska, Ling Qian

Involvement: designed the layout of the posters

This poster was designed for the IST Conference 2017 Panel Discussion session, developed by Ling Qian using Illustrator CC. As a creative design team, we share the IST conference logo. My design in this poster is the layout, and using clipping mask to shape the headshot.

Research Projects

APA ESL experimental research project

Date: Mar 2017

Client: IST Conference

Skills: experiment design

Team Composition: Ling Qian, Dr. Gamze Ozogul

Involvement: Principle investigator, designed the experiment and writing article

The goal of the study was to explore college students’ preferences for an animated agent for a computer-based ESL course, and also to investigate their rationales for their choices.